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Trevi is the name of the second quarter of Rome, indicated with R. II.

The origin of its name is not sure yet, but the best hypothesis is that it comes from the Latin trivium, which indicates the confluence of three streets in the square Crociferi, located beside the modern Piazza di Trevi.

This district, during the Roman Republic fell in the third region, during the Roman Empire was divided between the sixth (called High Semitic) and seventh (called Via Lata). In ancient Rome, the Trevi district there were large groups of private houses which stood some monumental buildings. Since the Roman period the area was divided into two main parts: the low, flat and close to the river, and the high, hilly and then raised. The first was the center of activities in the city, while the second was essentially a wealthy residential area.

After the fall of the hills you went depopulated while the population tended to concentrate in the downstream area. Urbanization followed the population: the buildings were numerous near the Tiber while not built virtually nothing in the hills up to the glories of the Renaissance.

In 1600, urbanization, construction of roads, churches and fountains had caused all the Trevi district was densely populated, and its appearance remained essentially unchanged until the end of the nineteenth century. The Quirinale, partially insulated from the densely populated area near the Tiber, tended to become a power center hosting many buildings representative of the papal power.

During the Napoleonic period, in 1811, it was decided that the Quirinale should become a center of imperial power. This project was never realized due to the fall of Napoleon, but the idea remained and was taken part in planning the urban capital of Rome after 1870. In fact, many ministries are still today in the Trevi district.

This completely changed the face of the hilly part of the district, who was then a densely populated area is not full of narrow streets, churches and palaces.

The most famous monument in the district is the Trevi Fountain.

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