Nothing is impossible, Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch

Who said that the Apple Watch was limited in features? if you are willing to wait an hour to boot, you can have Windows 95 on Apple clock . the developer Nick Lee has posted a video on YouTube which shows how the classic Windows operating system is on the Apple Watch.

As Nick points out, although Apple Watch specifications are far superior to those of a typical Windows 95 computer, the Apple Watch horrors operating costs . Because obviously, nobody puts things easy for the Apple Watch another operating system other than watchOS installed, much less to install Windows 95.

To achieve this feat, Nick Lee has had to modify the software development Apple and let him know that running Windwos 95 is a good idea. In addition, most curious of all, the Apple Watch is turned off because he believed that was not working, so Nick Lee added a small electric motor that spun endlessly crown Apple Watch to be in continuous operation.

The result, despite being a very slow result is impressive . Nick has also modified Windows 95 to understand that the cursor is anywhere on the screen where you scroll. This causes Windows 95 is fully functional in the Apple Watch. So you know, the next time you think that the Apple Watch serves only to receive notifications, recalls Nick Lee and Apple Watch with Windows 95.

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