The top 23 tricks to squeeze your Apple TV 4

The Apple TV 4 takes some months between us. It is a product that finally brings three major improvements to the set-top box Apple: an App Store that allows the installation of third - party apps , more power thanks to the A8 chip and more storage capacity.

Although you've been using for several months, you surely have not figured out all the tricks that encloses the Apple TV 4 . In this collection we tell you the most common and others that are not so easy to discover. Perfect to implement them throughout the weekend.

Tricks for Apple TV 4

  1. Did you just buy the Apple TV 4? Skip the initial configuration by placing your iPhone or iPad over it when you start the process. Make sure you are connected to the WiFi network in your home and have the bluetooth on.
  2. Bluetooth connect different devices to your Apple TV from Settings> Controls and> Bluetooth devices. Here you can connect from wireless headphones and music systems to other Siri Remote controls and game controllers. All you have bluetooth connection.
  3. While viewing a movie, series or video, slide your finger down on the trackpad to activate Siri Remote options video, audio and subtitles. Also, if you have speakers or headphones connected, you can choose the audio output you want.
  4. Active air screensaver from Settings> General> Screen Saver. Air screensaver is one of the features that I like the Apple TV 4 , and that shows landscapes and cities bird 's eye view. If you care about the space of your device, here you can also choose the frequency with which new screensavers are downloaded.
  5. Organizes the distribution of your apps by holding the icon in the "Home" screen until it begins to shake. Now, move it with your finger across the trackpad to place it wherever you want.
  6. You can also take the opportunity to create a folder and put there similar apps such as games or video apps.
  7. Download the Remote app to control the fourth generation Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad .
  8. Did you know that you can program a different remote to control your Apple TV? Go to Settings> Controls and devices> Save remote control.
  9. You can set a PIN code instead of a password to purchase items on the Apple TV. To do this, you must first disable iTunes password in Settings> Accounts> iTunes Store and App Store> Password Settings. Then go to Settings> General> Restrictions and enable the iTunes Store by entering a PIN code.
  10. If you have multiple Apple TV in your home, you can change its name to avoid wrong to do AirPlay Settings> AirPlay> Name Apple TV.
  11. Deletes the apps you do not want holding down the icon until it starts to shake. Then press the Play / Pause key and hit delete.
  12. You can view photos from your iPhone on Apple TV to do so, go to Settings> Accounts> iCloud and select the type of photos you want to see: iCloud Photo Library, Photo Stream and Shared Pictures.
  13. Now that you have your photos on the Apple TV 4  is a trick to use screen saver .Settings> General> Screen Saver> type where you can choose your own photo sequences.
  14. If you have suffered fever and apps you've installed more than necessary (it happens to everyone), you can slim down your Apple TV from Settings> General> Manage Storage.Here you can delete everything you want.
  15. In the Home, press the Menu key twice to display the screen saver.
  16. Also in the Home, hold down the key to return to the Home to turn the Apple TV and your TV at the same time . Although for this you need a TV with the HDMI-CEC technology .
  17. Restart your Apple TV from Settings> System> Restart. If all else fails, keep tight the Home button and the Menu button flashes until you see how your TV.
  18. Press the trackpad when you're watching a video to stop and slide along its length.Retighten the trackpad to continue from where have released the pointer.
  19. Forward or backward 10 seconds in a video by pressing the left or right edge ofthe trackpad. Great to skip the introductions of the series.
  20. This trick is great: when you're playing music with your app on the Apple TV, hold down the button Play / Pause to return quickly from anywhere.
  21. Press the Home button twice to start the rapid change of app.
  22. If your iOS device or Mac are on the same WiFi network, you can make AirPlay to Apple TV to view or listen to content without cables.
  23. Although it is best that you install Plex , an app from which you can view all the content stored on your Mac or server .



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