How to add frequently used addresses to Maps for iPhone and iPad

If you have favorite places you like to go to frequently — friends and family, restaurants or clubs — bookmark them in maps so you can find the fast!

If there are addresses you find you're constantly putting into your phone over and over again because you want to know how long it will take to walk or drive there (or maybe you're a little's okay, no judgement!) the Maps app has got you covered.

You can add frequently used addresses like your friend's apartment, your home, or your work address into Maps to make them easier to find when you need to add them quickly.

  • How to add an address to a Contact in Maps
  • How to add home and work shortcuts to Maps
  • How to view a recent location in Maps

How to add an address to a Contact in Maps

Maps will recognize your current location and allow you to add it to a new or existing contact. This can be handy if you've discovered a new restaurant you like at an offsite work meeting and expect to return to that location or are visiting a friend in their new house and want to remember how to get back there next time.

  1. Launch Maps from the Home screen on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap the current location button (just to refresh and make sure you are where your device says you are). It's the arrow in the bottom left corner.
  3. Tap on your current location.
  4. Tap on Add to existing contact.
  5. Tap on a contact you would like to associate this address with (I chose Santa, but he doesn't really hang out at this address).
  6. Tap on add address (you may have to scroll down).
  7. Type in your contact's complete address information.
  8. Tap on Done in the top right corner.

That's it! Now, if you tap on the name of that person or business in Contacts, you'll be able to quickly navigate to their address using Maps.

How to add home and work shortcuts to Maps

Tired of typing your home address into Maps when you're wondering how long it'll take you to get from wherever you are to being back to your house and warm in your jammies? You can add your home address as a shortcut in Maps.

1.Launch Maps from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
2.Tap on the directions button (looks like a bent arrow).
3.Tap on the Home button (looks like a little house)

4..Tap on Contacts if this is your first time adding your Home address, since you will be prompted to enter it into your Contacts app. Otherwise, skip to step 5.
5.Tap on the Edit button in the top right.
6.Tap on add address (you may have to scroll down to find this heading).

7.Enter your complete address.
8.Tap on Done.

From now on, whenever you tap the Home button, Maps will create a route from wherever you are back to your home. The steps are the same if you want to add a work address; just tap onWork instead of Home in step 3.



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