How to get free Wi-Fi on iPad and iPhone

Being connected is always useful, be it from checking the latest football scores or being able to video call your loved ones. Here's our guide on getting free Wi-Fi on an iPad and iPhone.

Step 1 of 5: How to get free Wi-Fi on iPad and iPhone: Insecure Wi-Fi
How can I stay connected for free? Where can I get free Wi-Fi?

Having the ability to stay connected to the internet is always useful and at times you'll find yourself without any internet due to poor reception or a lack of data allowance.

Thankfully all iPads and iPhones have the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network, whereby you can still be connected to the worldwide web without having to worry about additional network charges or coverage in your area.

There are various ways to attain free Wi-Fi, from your carrier having Wi-Fi access points littered around your city to apps showing you where open-access points are around you.

You should be aware that connecting to a public or open Wi-Fi network means anyone can do so, including hackers or those wanting to steal your data. Therefore be advised of the sites you're visiting on public networks.

Intercepting a Wi-Fi connection to a public access point is quite hard, but if there's a will, there's a way. If a hacker is local and really wants your personal information, including the sites you're visiting, they might be able to hack a public Wi-Fi location and attain all the information they need. So, be advised from accessing sensitive information in a public, password-free Wi-Fi network.

Step 2 of 5: How to get free Wi-Fi on iPad and iPhone: Download free Wi-Fi finder apps
A simple, yet effective way to get free Wi-Fi is to download an app which shows you all the open and free networks you can connect to.

We appreciate you'll initially need internet to download the app, but hopefully you're at home reading this, before journeying outside in the wilderness.

There is a whole host of different apps out there, and in no particular order here are some of our favourites:

HotSpot Finder - Free on the App store
WiFi Map - Free on the App store
Wiffinity - Free on the App store
Wifimap - Free on the App store
WiFi Finder Free - Free on the App store
Map WiFi & Wi-Fi Finder - Free on the App store
Avast Wi-Fi Finder - Free on the App store
Most, if not all of these apps have an in-built map which gives you a general sense of where the next free Wi-Fi access point is.

These apps are extremely useful, but are often spammed with adverts, as they're free to download. If you wish to get rid of their adverts, most have the option to purchase a Pro or Ad-free version.

Step 3 of 5: How to get free Wi-Fi on iPad and iPhone: Ask your mobile provider
Across the world, let alone in the UK, a lot of mobile providers are connecting their customers through Wi-Fi access points around the city. In fact, some providers are providing free access even if you're not on their network, such as O2 Wifi!

If on the other hand you're travelling abroad or can't seem to connect to these free access points, ask your provider if they provide free Wi-Fi hotspots in your city.

In London, there are a lot of different Wi-Fi networks which are provided to you for free, this also includes the London Underground, which enables you to connect to Wi-Fi at various tube stations. Having the ability to connect underground is truly fantastic and is often found in other cities too - so have a look-out for those free Wi-Fi hotspots which are provided to you by mobile providers.

Step 4 of 5: How to get free Wi-Fi on iPad and iPhone: Look for known hotels and restaurants
You might overlook your favourite or most hated hotel and restaurant, but they often have free Wi-Fi for their guests, which only require you to abide by their terms and conditions.

It's often frowned upon to use a Wi-Fi network if you're not currently a customer - such as using Starbucks' Wi-Fi network, without actually purchasing something at its shops. However, if you're looking to connect to the internet, one of these well-known hotels or restaurants could be your winning ticket.

Furthermore, you'll often find these places have the same internet-free policy worldwide, meaning if you're out and about travelling, you'll have internet at these locations.

So keep a look-out for known Wi-Fi hotel/restaurant providers!

Step 5 of 5: How to get free Wi-Fi on iPad and iPhone: Ask someone to start tethering
If someone around you is on a good data plan, they might be open to you tethering data off them. This essentially creates a Personal Hotspot, which connects to the internet through another person's phone or tablet.

Some providers limit tethering speeds and the amount of data you can use whilst using a Personal Hotspot, but if you're just looking to check your emails or quickly find the nearest hotel, you'll be able to do so at ease through this method.

This of course requires you to be with someone you know who has a decent mobile contract, or for a random stranger to be kind enough to stick around you, so that you can use their internet connection.


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