Accessories to make life easier for users of Apple products

If you are reading these lines definitely you have many options to be a user of one or more Apple products. The Californian manufacturer covers a broad spectrum of products and categories with its catalog of references, but we will try to summarize some of the best accessories ecosystem in different ranges from our experience certainly will make your life easier. Apple is a brand that focuses especially on the core of your business and trust third parties to supply the market for supplements in a strategy that has fared especially well.

This selection includes some of the products that have passed through our hands and others who would love to try, but they have already supported byexcellent reviews from those who have already had the pleasure to use. This is a random selection and sure we leave many accessories in the pipeline, but if you just bought a brand product of the block, it can serve boot.

USB multiple charger

As an increasing number of devices in use, charging them starts to become a little problem, especially for those using a USB port: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch ... use a power strip it is always reach of anyone but what about when we travel? It is best to use a USB charger with different ports with a single plug socket feeds simultaneously multiple devices. With it you can charge overnight both the iPad and the iPhone, Apple Watch and even some other USB device. Lumsing offers an interesting alternative that you can buy on Amazon .

The essential Power Bank

No matter how good the battery on your mobile Apple, there can always be a time of distress (especially on travel), where you run out of battery drop and at the worst time.Power Banks, or external batteries, and must be an essential accessory for those who spend time away from home or office, and fortunately the catalog of options is extensive. As you know, these devices are loaded into the house and plug depending on their capacity, they serve to charge multiple devices or at least the iPhone. Here you have an interesting selection of some of the highlights.

Base lift MacBook

If you spend many hours in front of laptop should be careful with the position on the screen.Unfortunately, laptops are designed giving priority to ease when being transported off the ergonomics of use, for this reason the display is in a low position and the flat keyboard on the surface. Twelve South proposes an alternative that slightly improves the position of the MacBook and without taking up space when transporting. It is BaseLift ,

Portable charging base for Apple Watch

Again, if you are a traveler and if you want to put some order in your nightstand, Nomad has an interesting base that serves two purposes: load the Apple Watch and serve as a base night. This is the Pod , an all-in-one and allows to hide the long charging cable device hasan internal battery that allows a pair of clock loads when you have no outlet nearby, something perfect on long journeys with scales.

TimePorter for Apple Watch

We are sticking with the Apple Watch and follow with perfect accessories for mobility, in this case with a unique carrying case clock Cupertino. It is TimePorter , another all-in-one that integrates a wide carrying case not only watch, but also its cable and straps. This case also hinges Twelve South through which you can squint top of the same form as the basis of available device night.


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