Apple’s Ireland data center could use more energy than city of Dublin

As part of a hearing concerning its proposed 850 million euro ($960 million) data center in Athenry, Ireland, Apple has acknowledged that it has no current plans to build power generators on the site, and would therefore be plugging into the Irish national grid.

The result? That according to a residents group, Apple will wind up as the largest private user of electricity in the state, consuming 8 percent of the national capacity — or more than the entire daily power usage of Dublin, which is home to over half a million people.

Despite Apple’s insistence that its data center will be environmentally-friendly, skeptics are questioning whether or not Apple has considered the full impact that this will have. Other concerns voiced so far as part of Apple’s hearing include worries about environmental, traffic and climate change issues — including the possible impact on the local bat and badger population.

The would-be data center is based on 500 acres of land and will, if built, help power Apple Music, the App Store, iMessages, Maps and Siri. The building was previously granted planning permission by Galway County, but has since been appealed by eight parties.

The hearing continues.


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