iPhone 7 back chassis leaks again – in Rose Gold this time

It seems that every week now we get a newiPhone 7 leak. Whether it's a diagram, a supposed render based on real schematics, or an actual picture of a metal panel, which the photographer claims is the real thing — the rumor that the iPhone 7 will look very similar to the iPhone 6 gets reaffirmed time and time again.

And here we have yet another metal plate. Unlike the last one we saw, this unit doesn't have the camera module installed, so there is no protruding ring up there. But we can definitely see a slot carved out to house one such part. Of course, we've also got the plastic bands moved to the very edges of the device, with no "panty strips" present this time around – something that has been a pet peeve for many with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

 iPhone 7 back chassis leaks again – in Rose Gold this time

So, while we've been getting a lot of looks at the supposed iPhone 7, our curiosity for the iPhone 7 Plus (Pro?) continues to grow. Will it really have a dual-sensor camera? Will it really have that weirdly placed, 3-dot Smart Connector on its back? And if so – for what? Keeping our ears to the ground on that one!


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