First preview of Swift 3.0 now available for developers

Developers interested in Swift, Apple’s programming language, can now download the first preview build of Swift 3.0. This is set to be a major release of Swift when it officially arrives, and is meant to mature the language. Developers can download the preview now from

First preview of Swift 3.0 now available for developers

Developers have three options for downloading this preview. There is a version available for Xcode, Apple’s development environment, as well as for Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.10. Note that to use the downloads on OS X, you’ll need OS X El Capitan, along with Xcode 7.2 or later.

Swift 3.0 will be the first release of the language to include the Swift Package Manager, which will support the development and distribution of cross-platform Swift packages. This version will also not be source-compatible with Swift 2.2, but as noted on the Swift GitHub repository, the goal is for future versions of Swift to be source-compatible with 3.0.

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