Analyst: iPhone 8 will rock Galaxy Edge-like wraparound AMOLED screen

IHS Technologies analyst Kevin Wang writes on Chinese social network Weibo that the iPhone 8, which we believe will release in the fall of 2017, will come outfitted with a dual-curved display similar to that found on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7 edge, for a virtually bezel-less appearance. He also said just yesterday the next iPhone would replace the entry-level 16GB tier with a more capacious 32GB SKU.

Curve me gently

The claim matches up with prior reports indicating that this year’s iPhone will retain the iPhone 6/6s design as Apple has moved to a three-year handset refresh cycle, with major technological advances and revamp planned for a 2017 iPhone model.

Multiple supply chain reports have indicated that Apple’s vast Asian network of component suppliers is making preparations and retooling factories in anticipation of mass production of OLED panels for the iPhone 8.

That being said, Wang is first out of the gate to specifically postulate that Apple’s tenth anniversary 2017 iPhone will utilize an AMOLED screen which wraps around the left and right sides of the device.

Just a gimmick?

Samsung’s device attempts to take advantage of the curved screen by showing a ticker of information on the edges, such as the time, sports scores, night clock and so forth.

Provided Wang is right, Apple might do the same for the iPhone 8 and it has an added advantage of 3D Touch that might actually enhance interacting with screen edges. For the sake of completeness, Apple owns patents for wraparound smartphone screens so it’s not like the company’s engineers haven’t shown interest in developing an iPhone with a wraparound screen.

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