iOS 10 vs Android N Developer Previews! BETA Battle!

We’ve been running the iOS 10 developer preview for a little more than a day, but it’s not the only BETA being run in our offices. We also have Google’s latest build of Android N running on a Nexus 5X. We think it’s time for a comparison.

This is a big update for Apple, reaching the tenth iteration of iOS, a lot of attention has been paid towards streamlining interactions, incorporating more 3D Touch and gesture support, and catching a few services up which have been lagging behind the competition.

Likewise, Google has a lot riding on Android N, in making this build of Android more appealing, and closing some of the feature gap between stock Android and what is provided from third party manufacturer skins.

Both companies approach mobile development from very different philosophies, but of late we’ve been watching these two platforms “meet in the middle” as both Apple and Google struggle with the balance between attractive and easy user interactions and rich features. We shouldn’t necessarily judge the success of each platform based on BETAs, but we can at least take a look at the direction each company is headed. Which platform is on the right track? You decide! Hit the “More Info” icon on this video to vote in our view poll, after checking out our iOS 10 vs Android N Beta-Battle video below!


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