You can now buy a cheap iPhone 7 clone in China

You won’t be able to get your hands on the real iPhone 7 until it goes on sale in September, but gadget vendors in China have the next best thing: For just $150, you can pick up an iPhone 7 clone that looks just like the real thing.

It’s hard to tell if all the photos we’ve seen of the iPhone 7 thus far are genuine. It’s likely some are real leaks, but many of the others could be little more than convincing mockups being manufactured in China for iPhone fans who just can’t wait for the next big thing.

Proof of that is seen in the video below from BeSound. It showcases an iPhone 7 clone purchased in China for just $150. At first glance, you would never suspect it wasn’t real.

The fake has all the design changes we expect to get with this year’s iPhone 7, including the revamped antenna bands and larger camera lens. Because it’s just a mockup, it doesn’t have a real display or any internals, but it looks good on video.

Nick, who purchased the iPhone 7 mockup seen in the video, tells us the manufacturers can make a fortune predicting Apple’s next refresh. Not only do fans snap them up, but also accessory makers who want to ensure they have products built to fit the new iPhone in time for launch.

We shouldn’t believe all the iPhone 7 “leaks” we see, then — even if they are incredibly convincing. They might have an Apple logo, but chances are the vast majority were never produced by an Apple supplier.


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