Apple FCC filing shows Apple TV-sized device with Bluetooth, NFC under review

This week’s update of the U.S. Federal Communication Commission’s database has revealed an as-yet-unannounced Apple product, with screw placement and case dimensions similar to that of the fourth-generation Apple TV.


First spotted by Consomac, the regulatory label has little information as presented in the FCC drawing. The A1844 model number on the case is not currently in use by Apple.

Power draw for the device is said to be 100mA with a peak of 700mA, and between 5.5V and 13.2V. This is different than the fourth generation Apple TV power supply, which is rated for 12V and 920mA.



Associated with the filing are Bluetooth and NFC tests by the FCC. Wi-Fi tests were not performed on the device, implying either an existing design re-utilized or no Wi-Fi functionality whatsoever.


Much of the test documentation is hidden by a request for confidentiality associated with the product


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