Check out this amazing use of drag-and-drop in iOS 11

With the iOS 11 launch imminent, developers are releasing updates that take advantage of all its new features. Some, like Dropbox, will support the new Files app, making Dropbox appear like just another folder like it does on the Mac. Other apps, like 1Writer and GoodNotes, now support drag-and-drop. And one of these apps in particular — GoodNotes — makes a spectacular and unexpected use of dragging and dropping.

Dropbox will appear as a regular folder in iOS 11’s Files app.

Just a quick mention for the excellent plain-text-and-markdown-if-you-want-it iOS notes app 1Writer. There has been no formal announcement of the new features, other than the release notes for the latest version in the App Store:

Add iOS drag-and-drop support.

Bug fixes and minor improvements.
And yet this hides the scope of the new drag-and-drop in the app. Now you can drag text to and from the app, just by selecting it and dragging. You can also drop most things into the app too — maps locations, URLs, and any text-based items. If you drag in a photo from the Photos app, then a Markdown image link is created. This appears as text in the note, but when you preview the note, the image is shown in-line. It’s neat.



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