Code Week: dal 7 al 22 Ottobre tante sessioni di programmazione gratuite presso gli Apple Store

Apple è già solita tenere dei corsi ma in occasione della Code Week, un’iniziativa supportata dalla Commissione Europea, l’azienda ha deciso di aderire con ulteriori 6.000 sessioni gratuita in tutta Europa. Non saranno dei veri e propri corsi che insegnano a programmare dall’oggi al domani ma saranno molto utili per approcciarsi alla programmazione. Verrà mostrato… Read More

Three more reports of swollen batteries in iPhone 8 Plus surface, still not statistically significant

Three more reports of swollen iPhone 8 Plus batteries have surfaced in international markets, but the current rate of failure is still well within industry norms for infant failure of lithium ion batteries. Three of the social media reports and two from MacRumors readers depict a swollen battery displacing an iPhone 8 Plus screen out… Read More

Apple chip supplier TSMC preps first-ever 3-nanometer factory as founder announces retirement

Signalling likely improvements in the performance and size of Apple products, Apple processor manufacturer TSMC on Monday announced plans to establish the world’s first 3-nanometer production facility. The factory will come to Taiwan’s Tainan Science Park at an unspecified date, according to the EE Times. TSMC has previously said, however, that it plans to build… Read More

Comparing iPhone 8 charging speeds with fast charge, wireless and more

With the launch of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Apple introduced its smartphone user base to fast charge technology capable of delivering an up to 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes. Compares to traditional — and wireless — charging methods.   In order to take advantage of the new fast charge feature, users will… Read More

Apple continues weekly update cycle with iOS 11.0.2, containing iPhone 8 call crackling fix

Two weeks since the original release, and one week after the last minor update, Apple has released iOS 11.0.2 with rectification of crackling sounds during calls on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and other assorted fixes. Apple notes that in addition to the crackling sound fix, Apple has also addressed an issue that… Read More

Apple employees begin testing Apple Pay Cash in iOS 11.1 beta

Apple employees are reportedly testing Apple Pay Cash, the company’s take on peer-to-peer payments, as part of an internal evaluation of the service ahead of an anticipated release later this fall. According to MacRumors forum member Chuck SaaS, an unknown number of Apple employees were recently issued a special device certificate to enable testing of… Read More

Apple Maps vehicles to start touring Scotland & Wales later this month

Apple Maps vehicles will begin collecting street-level data in Scotland and Wales for the first time later in October, according to an updated schedule. Vehicles will initially roam Fort William in Scotland, and Bridgend County Borough in Wales. Exact dates are unknown, but collection should kick off sometime between Oct. 9 and 22, ending by… Read More

iOS 11.0.2

iOS 11.0.2 include correzioni di errori e miglioramenti per iPhone o iPad. • Risolve un problema riscontrato su un numero limitato di iPhone 8 e iPhone 8 Plus per cui era possibile sentire rumori di sottofondo simili a scoppiettii durante le chiamate. • Risolve un problema per cui era possibile che alcune foto venissero nascoste.… Read More

Profitti di Apple in arrivo il 2 novembre, il giorno prima del lancio di iPhone X

I risultati finanziari del quarto trimestre dell’anno fiscale 2017 di Apple, saranno presentati il 2 novembre, il giorno prima quello del lancio di iPhone X. Una scelta mirata? I profitti di Apple sono in arrivo il 2 novembre. Cupertino Apple ha infatti aggiornato la pagina web dedicata agli investitori per annunciare la data di presentazione… Read More